PHP Mysql Hotel Management System Opensource

PHP Mysql Hotel Management System is a software which helps staff to manage the day to day work of hotel. Though lots of opensource software available online but some of them have become redundant and not working with latest technologies such as PHP 7 and Mysql 5.

power of social media

The Power of Social Media

In the world of today, having a web presence in the form of just a website is not enough. With the social media marketing having taken a sudden surge in popularity, one cannot be naive about its existence and impact towards an individual’s personal as well as professional growth. Even if you are one of those who are unaware of …

Plugins – A Necessary Malice!!!

The conundrum that is faced today by users is either to use plug-ins while using WordPress or not. WordPress is a self-sufficient platform by itself which can operate without any other external applications. However, the plug-ins play very effective functions to enhance the performance of WordPress. But excessive plugins while using WordPress is advised against.

What are the benefits of video marketing?

With social media marketing having proven its dominance over other sources of marketing, video marketing is an effective part of this vertical. “They say a picture speaks a thousand words but a video is worth millions. ”

Why should you use only open source technologies?

Open source technologies are technologies that are open to the public. These technologies are basically programs or applications which are created using a licencethat allows the source code to be freely available to the public to view, edit and recirculate.

How to get free images for your website?

A picture speaks a thousand words… In the digital world, it speaks a million. Pictures and images form an integral part of the website which makesthe website more attractive. Content adds words to the website but a picture adds words to the content itself. Pictures make the content more engaging and add an impact to the information being