The best website training institutes in Jaipur

Today the world is ruled by and through computers. In every field, computers have taken the foremost place. Education, business, medicine and all the other fields are governed by computers and are easily accessible through websites. To promote any business, websites play a crucial role. Therefore, there are many website developing companies which have emerged in the recent past. To …

How to Improve Your Google Ranking…

Google is the number one search engine in the world. Your website’s status on Google translates to its success on the Internet. To garner recognition and attract customers, it is important to sustain a respectable Google ranking. However, like most aspects of improving visibility online, increasing your Google ranking is not an easy task. It requires time,

How much does building a website cost you in India?

The internet today is crowded with websites consisting of varied types. Some of the sites act as a search engine for finding other websites (for example. Google) while there are some websites which are in protraction for the production of other websites (for example, WordPress and PHP).

Jaipur – The start-up hub?

With a diversity of skilful, innovative, ambitious and well-educated minds, Tier 2 cities are soon turning into hubs for upcoming and promising start ups. Despite facing several roadblocks, one such city is the Pink City of India, Jaipur. The youth of the city, with their immense talent and entrepreneurship skills, are paving way for some really creative start-ups. 

Best Web Designing Firms in Jaipur

India in the present day scenario is recognized as the most lucrative investment destination for the biggest companies in the world. These investments by the companies have only helped in the initiation and growth of many medium and small scale industries in India. With the inundation of the new age of computers, these businesses found a new medium to propagate …

Top 5 startups in Jaipur?

During the last decade, a new concept has enthralled the Indian youth and has been a big attraction for that age group. It goes by the name of ‘startup’ (pardon the sarcasm). Even the government after seeing the popularity gained by these startups and their potential in the future, launched a national scheme called ‘Startup India’ to support and propagate …

Choose Website Domain Name

How to Choose Website Domain Name?

Back when search engines were more unrefined than today’s powerful browsers, website names had to be very specific to their content and offerings to achieve visibility. For instance, if a business specialized in air conditioners, then would have ranked higher on Google than, which is the website of one of today’s top air conditioning brands.